Thermal sublimation

Thermal sublimation is a printing technique used for mugs, beakers and covers (iPad, Kindle, Smartphone).

When printing with thermal sublimation, the design or text are first printed back-to-front on a carrier foil. By applying a lot of heat (hence ‘thermal’) the design is then steamed off of the foil onto the product. A special layer on the product reacts with colour pigments and fixates them into the products permanently.

NB – The optimal resolution for prints with thermo sublimation is 400 dpi. If your graphics have a higher or lower resolution, this is bound to influence the quality of the print.

The result is a vividly coloured image that is integrated directly into the product’s surface – the design does not protrude from the product. Extreme durability also after exposure to sunlight make thermo sublimination a long-lasting and high-quality option for accessories.